About Us

Intents is a company dedicated to providing kits that satisfy the necessities for camping. We make sure you enjoy your trip without the hassle of packing or setting up. We strive to provide a fun and easy camping experience, and to protect local forests and national parks. With 5% of our proceeds being returned back to the national parks, we are able to help sustain the national park ecosystems for future generations to enjoy.

Letter from our CEO

Dear visitors and friends,

It is with great honor to have your decision to work with us. Here at InTents, we have three amazing and different kinds of packages that will help you have the most relaxing and fun time while you are camping.  We have nonstop been growing and expanding our services can be soon reached throughout all of America. We are a startup company that is more than excited to not only help you have memorable times in nature, but the 5% profit that we will give to the National Park Conservatory to help the wildlife animal and prevention of more fires.  The desire within the company is thanked to the hardworking team that succeeds in growing and becoming what we are today, integrating and attracting new adventurous figures. 


Jacqueline Nguyen, CEO

Our Team


Shelly Chin: Chief Operating Officer

Jacqueline Nguyen: Chief Executive Officer

Natalie Roldan: Chief Operating Officer


Jeffrey Carr: Chief Financial Officer

Chris Nguyen: Director of Accounting

Hung Le: Financial Associate

Fischer Lambert: Chief Financial Officer


Shayla Pham: Chief Technical Officer

Kyle Tran: Chief Technical Officer


Maryrose Tran: Director of Design

Simon Vo: Design Associate

Tiffany Pham: Director of Design


Ivy Nguyen: Director of Marketing

Ryan Dang: Marketing Associate

Theresa Lee: Marketing Associate


Nathan Nguyen: Director of Sales

Ivy Phan: Sales Associate

Rosy Mondragon: Director of Sales

Minh Phan: Sales Associate

Public Relations

My Nguyen: Public Relations Associate 

Vinh Tran: Director of Public Relations

Kathy Dao: Director of Public Relations

Human Resources

Natalie Papazian: Director of HR


Madeline Freeman: Director of Funds

Research and Development

Kyle Trapp: Director of Maintenance

Henry Thong: Company Maintenance